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Really cool concept! I especially like how sometimes you have to keep dashing in order to avoid/fight the guards, it really makes you feel like a pro.  Following up on your response to Salsadix's suggestion, I think having a wider aiming light ray would be enough as a scouting mechanism. Also, I know it's for the  Extra Hands challenge, but if you want to continue with the game I'd recommend changing the power button from enter to something closer to wasd. Great game nonetheless!

Hey ! Thank you for your comment ! I think Kenya added a command through the mouse buttons to avoid to do the extrahand challenge ^^ It might make the game a bit smoother. Cheers !

This game has one of the best pixel art in this jam (if not the best) I really liked it, and great music too!. I managed to beat it and I found it fun to play! but I feel that some of the levels where hard to decode, and I feel that darkness made a great ambience, but it also made that some of the puzzles where hard to understand and pushed me to try to brute force some of them. It was cool to show the eyes of zoe to the player where the enemies where ,  but I think it would be wise to add more landmarks to the level to prevent players (at least some of them) to brute force the level. 
Thanks for making this game! 

The idea was to use the light ray as a scouting mechanic but... we ran out of time and energy XD Meow!

I love the mechanic and the art. It was fun using the light to bounce around. Great job!

I agree! It's super fun to just bounce and bounce and bounce XD

This game is honestly so cool!! Great idea, and you all did a great job.  The first room with 2 guards was too difficult for me to figure out at the moment, but I will definitely come back to this and try again sometime

Thank you for playing, meow~ Tip: You don't have to kill the guards to move along (only in 1 screen) and there are some hidden walls in the dark.